Thursday, May 9, 2013

990 and Counting!

981. Checking things off of my checklist
982. My sweet Auntie is her birthday!
983. Mother's Day Tea at Sunny's school
984. Beautiful Snapper, glowing as she sang in her school's chorus concert

985. Well-earned awards at the Awana Awards Ceremony last night! Snapper earned her Timothy Award (a big one!) Bubbles earned her Sparks 1st and 2nd book awards. Bubbles earned her 1st book award. Pepper earned his 2nd book award, Review Award, Workbook Award, and Psalm 1 Award! I couldn't be prouder of them...or more thankful for all the Scripture that is now alive in their hearts and minds.

986. Knowing that a friend from church is making dinner for our family on Monday...just to lighten my load. How cool is that?
987. NO MORE SPELLING TESTS FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! (I rejoice because Bubbles and I spend, on average, an hour per day working on spelling. I get my hour back!)
988. The devotion and adoration in the gently blinking eyes, swishing tail, and soft meows and purrs of my cat Pixie. There is nowhere she would rather be than with me. She checks in with my throughout the day, often coming to sit in my lap for a few minutes. When I move to a different room, she comes with me. When I call her name, she meows back at me. She arches her back and rubs around my legs, purring and looking at me with soft eyes. She wakes me up in the morning and wants to sleep on my feet at night. She adores me and the feeling is mutual. That I'm clearly her favorite family member is quite flattering. =)
989. The prayers of my Facebook friends when I post a status update asking for prayer
990. Reconnecting with one of my mom's dearest friends

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