Saturday, May 11, 2013

Four Mothers and Five Children and 1000 Gifts

A Birth Mother gave me life and gave me a future.

A Forever Mother loved me with every cell in her being.

A Step-Mother is a solid rock of love in my life.

A Son and a Daughter made me a mother.

Another Birth Mother gave me the right to be the mother of three more daughters.

On this Mother's Day...

My Birth Mother sent me a Mother's Day card from Arizona, where she is a distant, but active part of my life. I love her.

My Forever Mother is celebrating her 10th cancer-free Mother's Day in glorious presence of Jesus. I miss her so much.

My Step-Mother is anticipating our visit to California next month. I adore her!

One handsome son and four beautiful daughters have been hard at work over the last two weeks, tucking away little projects and artwork pieces and presents. For me. They are my greatest joy!

Bubbles, Piper, and Sunny's Birth Mother is grieving the loss of her children. Three daughters and two sons. She was a mother, but just in her memories now. This is her first Mother's Day as a mother to none. I love her for giving them life. I hate what she did to them and didn't do for them. I'm sorry for her loss, which is my great gain. I hope that she can find healing and peace, which is only possible through God.

On this Mother's Day I think about the complexity of motherhood in my life. And I'm glad Mother's Day only comes one a year. Too much to process.

991. Sherry, my birth mother, who chose to not have an abortion, knowing throughout the pregnancy that she would have to say goodbye to me. That's courage and true love, folks.
992. Lotte, my forever mother, the single most significant person in my life. 23 years of having her as my mother.
993. Nancy, my step-mother. She's the perfect life partner for my dad. They've been married for almost 9 years, and I never could have found a more perfect match for my dad if I had spent my whole life searching.
994. Snapper, my beautiful 10-year-old daughter who makes me so proud.
995. Bubbles, my lovely 8-year-old daughter who shows me the meaning of courage.
996. Pepper, my handsome 6-year-old son who makes me laugh every day
997. Piper, my sweet 7-year-old daughter who never ceases to entertain me
998. Sunny, my adorable 5-year-old daughter who is making a better person
999. E, the girls' birth mother, because without her I would not have Bubbles, Piper, and Sunny
1000. The personal growth and heart of gratitude that has developed in me since I began this thankfulness journal in November. My entire perspective of the world is transformed. When troubles arise, I can now see God's blessings in the midst of the trouble. Contentment in the midst of trying circumstances...YES! I can! Thank you, God, for Your abundant gifts to me.

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