Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smartypants Dance

Today is the last day of 4th grade for my beautiful daughter. I can hardly believe that my first baby is heading into her last year of elementary school. If time had a tail, I would grab it tight and hold on. Yesterday was the awards ceremony at school. I am SO proud of my sweet girl! Not only did she earn a Sunshine State Reader medal and the leadership award, but she was the only kid in her class to make straight A's all year!  This little girl gets a solo performance of the smartypants dance, which has become tradition in our house after a big academic achievement!

 Here we are with our {almost} 5th grader. Proud mommy and daddy!

One last photo with our beautiful, wonderful, amazing teacher, Mrs. N. I hope and pray that our other kids will get to be in her class in the future. She could not have been any better.

Happy end of the school year!

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