Monday, June 11, 2012

About A Boy

See this little boy? He is a month away from turning 6. He has accomplished a lot in the last few months. I've posted a lot about Snapper, but not a whole lot about this little Pepper. He's due a good post! Let me start by saying that he is smart, cute, silly, charming, compassionate, and sweet. 

Did I mention that he is really silly? Pepper loves to make funny faces. He also loves to dance around the house, shaking his butt. He tells goofy, pointless "jokes" that he makes up, and then he roars with laughter. He also says funny stuff that he doesn't intend to be funny. Take yesterday, for example...

Pepper (to our Pastor Dale): Hi Pastor Dale! I want to be hypnotized so I can show the world I'm medicated to Jesus!
Pastor Dale managed to keep a straight face when he figured out that Pepper thought he was saying, Hi Pastor Dale! I want to be baptized so I can show the world I'm dedicated to Jesus. 
I did NOT manage to keep a straight face!!! We're meeting with Pastor Dale next week to have him discuss baptism with Pepper. 

This little boy loves Jesus. Every night, without fail, Pepper wants Daddy to read the Bible to him. Matt invested in a Discover God Bible for Kids. It covers the major stories in the Bible, and has discussion questions for parents and kids that direct the kids back to how God's character is evident in the stories. Pepper absolutely loves it, and I don't think he has missed a night in the past 4 months. During our daily reading time, Pepper loves to take that Bible back out and reread the stories. He retains it, he absorbs it, and he thinks about it. Then, at random times, he will spout off a fountain of Bible knowledge, or make a really deep statement, or ask an extremely perceptive question.

He is smart, smart, smart! He is reading on a second grade reading level, and he devours picture books. He reads several of them a day, and when we have  our focused reading time together, he reads to me out of one of the Magic Treehouse books! 

He is artistic and creative. He loves to make books of his drawings. Each book is about 8 pages long, and is packed full of detailed artwork. When he "reads" the book to me, he has developed a complete story to go along with his illustrations. Though he doesn't like to write words in his books, the stories are complete, full of adventure, and run beautifully with his drawings. He spends hours building masterpieces with his Legos, Duplos, and the wood blocks my Grandpa Cox made for me.

This little boy is full of compassion. He is eagerly counting down the days until his new sisters come to live with us. We get to talk with them on the phone 3 or 4 times each week now, and he loves to talk with them. Every time he chats with one of them, he thinks of reassuring details to tell them.
There are lots of nice girls at our school who will be your friends.
Our mommy is a really great mommy, and she already loves you.
We're a very sweet family, so  you don't have to worry that we're mean.
When you come live with us, I'll share my toys with you.
My favorite color right now is orange, but since {J's} favorite color is orange too, I'll let her use the orange towels and cups.
If you get scared at night when you come live here, it's okay. I'll give you a hug and pray for you and you will feel better.
Here's a photo of Pepper talking on the phone for the first time with {H}, his new 6-year-old sister.

I'm just crazy about this little guy! I am SO THANKFUL that God chose to give him to me. I'm the luckiest woman in the world to get to be his mom.

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Stef said...

oh my word, SO cute! I am smitten by this cutie face.
LOVE what he said to Pastor Dale - had me LOL :)
Such exciting news!! Praise God!