Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy Love

I love being a mom. It is such a fulfilling thing! It is so much fun to watch these two little ones grow.









There's only one problem...they're getting too big and old! I think it will be really nice to have a littler person in the house again!

My Mother's Day was awesome! I was awakened by two kids pouncing on me in my bed. The came bearing gifts...beautiful, handmade gifts they had made at school. I received a coaster stenciled with a red rose from Pepper, as well a very funny paper about me as a mom. He got my age right, but his favorite thing to do with me is play games on my phone. He got that one wrong. I never play phone games with him, and I never let him play on my phone because the battery life is crap. I did get a laugh out of that, though. Snapper made a cute bookmark and a hand print heart card for me. I also got an intricate Angry Birds drawing from Pepper, which makes me laugh every time I look at it. He's a great little artist!

I was served breakfast in bed: gluten free waffles made by Daddy with help from Pepper, and a strawberry banana smoothie made by Snapper. After breakfast we went to church. Then we came home, changed clothes, and headed over to the mall. Matt and I enjoyed Greek food for lunch and the kids had chicken teriyaki. Then we went and saw The Avengers. Excellent movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After we got home from the movie, I spent an hour on the phone with my birthmom. I also got to talk to my step-mom for a bit. I'm so blessed in the mother department! I didn't talk to my MIL because I was already on the phone when Matt called her. I will give her a call later today. 

We spent a fun, relaxing evening together. I wasn't that hungry and no one felt like cooking. The kids ate cereal and Matt and I had an egg and sausage bake that took 5 minutes to throw together. We spent an hour playing Lego Rock Band with the kids. Sorry guys, you're terrible! It was really funny listening to Pepper trying to sing We Are the Champions! Ha ha! We wrapped up the day with Daddy reading Redwall for almost an hour. We're getting close to the end of the book. It sure has been a good one!

It was a very fun, family-focused Mother's Day. I'm looking forward to next year when there will be 5 kids in my photo instead of 2!

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