Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

In Florida, writing is the focus subject for 4th grade FCAT (standardized testing). She will also be tested in reading and math. Snapper has been working very hard with her incredible teachers this year to develop her writing. I am blown away at the amazing quality her writing has taken on, and I am so proud of her. She's meant to be a writer for sure! This weekend she had to write a story at home. It was meant to be a practice for FCAT. She had a two-sided paper to work with, and 45 minutes to complete her assignment without the help up dictionary, thesaurus, or her writer's notebook. After she finished, I was allowed to go through it with her to check spelling and to help her think through any suggestions I had. Apart from a few spelling mistakes on difficult words and suggesting she add a sentence at the end of the story, I had no suggestions for her. She is amazing, and she wanted me to publish her story on the blog. So here it is!

Unexpected Surprise
by: Snapper
February 5, 2012

           “Oh my gosh,” I stammered in my head. I was working in room 229 when all of a sudden I heard the door swing open and slam into the wall with a loud BOOM! Then when we looked up, we feasted our eyes upon a glorious surprise!
            Mrs. Expected, who has been my teacher ever since 2nd grade, came in with what seemed like 40 bags of stuff from Publix! Even better, instead of wearing her ebony black dress and black high heels, she came in wearing a vibrant purple dress with ruffles and teal high heels. Instead of her ordinary brown hair in a bun under her old hat with a daisy, she had apple red hair in braided pigtails with divine purple bows at the ends! Suddenly, at 9:20 a.m., I realized that my old, boring, predictable, stern teacher was no more. Then she announced, “Children, there is no need for work, let’s party!”
            Of course, before we could party, we had to set up. Those bags she had brought were full of party supplies. For example, there were 4 packs of streamers. She even brought luscious cupcakes covered with mountains of creamy icing, coated with an alluring variety of brilliant sprinkles. As soon as I had a glimpse of those babies I decided in my head that once I had one in my hand, I would devour it like a famished lion feasting on a juicy wildebeest in a desert! She even brought confetti and balloons in the shape of animals.
            At the party itself there was an outrageous jukebox that Mrs. Expected had bought at Publix! She said it cost about $200! So having the music blasting and the confetti going wild, we had a heck of a time partying in our room. We danced, stuffed ourselves, and batted at a bull shaped piƱata. The cupcakes tasted just like they looked...they tasted scrumptious, even extraordinary! But suddenly, we heard the intimidating sound of knee high boots coming down the hall. So Mrs. Expected shouted “Hurry kids, clean up!” I threw a tarp over the jukebox while the others stuffed trash into their desks and pulled out math papers. We had finished just in time for our principal, Mrs. Bossy Pants, to walk in and question, “What’s going on in here?” “Just noisy work,” our teacher replied while we looked as if we were working all along. Just as the principal was about to leave, the bell rang. Whew! That was a close call!
            The next day, when we came in we got another surprise! “Children, let’s go to Wonder Works,” Mrs. Expected exclaimed. So we had to change her name because she kept throwing surprises at us. Her new name became Mrs. Unexpected. 

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