Friday, February 10, 2012

First Dance

Snapper went to her first dance tonight. I never thought I would let my daughter go to a dance at the tender age of 9. But the sweetest, cutest boy asked her. I know him and his family really well, I trust him, and I know he'll never break my little girl's heart. I also know he is head-over-heels crazy about her, and to say no would have been completely heartless. I'm so comfortable with him, in fact, that I was even willing to let them go without a chaperone!

The beauty parlor started as soon as she got home from school today. It took me 2 hours (and 3 tries) to get her hair right. We went shopping yesterday and found a lovely dress, cute shoes, a flower for her hair, and just the right color nail polish.

She was ready to go early enough that we were able to take some photos of her with her date before we left for the dance. She was stunning, and her date was quite handsome, too. They made the sweetest pair ever. Seeing them together made me think ahead to Snapper's wedding day. *Sigh*

Snapper's first dance was the Daddy/Daughter Sweetheart Dance at her school. Her Daddy was delighted to be her date, and on the way there he told her she is too beautiful, and she will never be allowed to date anyone but him. =)

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