Saturday, October 8, 2011

On This Rainy Day...

Central Florida is getting drenched by a slow-moving tropical system today. It is 67 degrees outside, and it hasn't stopped raining since about 9:00 last night. Weatherbug tells me we have gotten 5 inches of rain already, and it will not be stopping any time in the next 12 hours. Needless to say, we scrapped our beach plans for today, and we've made other plans. Pepper has croup too, which influenced our decision to stay home and have a very quiet family day. Here's our agenda for today.

  • Fold and put away 5 loads of laundry
  • Wash all our sheets and make our beds
  • Kiddos are cleaning their rooms.
  • Snapper is on bathroom cleaning duty.
  • I need to clean up the Mod Podge mess on my craft table. All week I have been working on Christmas gifts, and I am finished with the Mod Podge part of the project.
  • Matt and I need to work together on our massive family portfolio for our foster/adopt trainer. It is due this week. We still need to write a letter to the birth parents of the kiddos we'll be adopting, and a letter to the kiddos, too. No, we don't have a match to specific kids yet. That is still a few months away.
  • Matt needs to write another thousand words on his life story, also a requirement of our foster/adopt trainer. 
  • The kitchen needs a once-over.
  • I have lasagna soup to put in the crock pot for rainy day dinner yumminess.
  • Is yumminess a word?
  • Once all those necessary tasks are done, we'll have some fun!
  • The kids and I are going to make papier mache pumpkins using Walmart sacks as the forms.
  • While the papier mache is drying, we'll pop some popcorn, make some gluten free cookies for Mommy, and watch a movie.
  • Matt and I are going to take on another Rock Band challenge.
  • Throughout the day as I have time, I'll work on crocheting the monster caps I am making for Pepper and my nephews for Christmas.
  • I might edit photos so I can get caught up on posting my Project 365.
  • My cinnamon candles are burning, and my plastic fall leaves are adorning my living room. The windows are all open and the air conditioner is off. My precious family is home with me. I am extremely content. Thanks, God, for the perfect fall day.

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