Friday, September 9, 2011

Project 365: Week 23

We finally got around to hanging most of our pictures. I haven't had these out since we left Little Rock.

After two nights of sleepover at her friend S's house, and a day at Universal Studios, Snapper was worn out. She slept for 3 hours that afternoon, and still went to bed at 8:00. 

Pepper got a can of magic webs (silly string) from Nana for Christmas. He had been saving it for the right time. This was the right day!

Homework routine. Snapper gets all cozy in her blankets every day, and diligently does her homework. Zoe is faithfully there with her each day.

Pepper checked out "Can I Play Too?" from the library. This is now his favorite book. Lots of laughter while we read it together...over, and over, and over.

Homework together at the kitchen table. This is my favorite time of day, getting to sit and talk with them as we learn together.

Pepper's homework this day was to read his book to 3 different people. 

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Kit said...

I just love that shot of Snapper in bed with the cats. :) So lovely to have two children who love to learn. Reminds me of my two ladies. Kit