Friday, September 16, 2011

My Week in A Frame

On Saturday
Snapper had a swim meet, her last in the 8&Under age group. Since we were on the road so much this summer, she missed 7 weeks of summer practice. I wasn't expecting much out of her at this meet, so I didn't break out the video camera. Big mistake. Snapper took 1st place in Butterfly, swimming 25 yards in an incredibly fast 17 seconds! Considering there were 43 others in her age group who swam Butterfly, this was a huge accomplishment! She finished the the day with a 1st place, a 2nd place, and two 3rd place ribbons! 

On Sunday
HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY SNAPPER! After church, Snapper and I went with friends to see the Central Florida Ballet's production of 9-11: An American Moment. We met with our church small group in the evening. I cried all day. Cried and cried. 9-11 coincided with a hormonal wave that rendered me useless all day. On the way home from church came the car incident.

On Monday
I had a productive day at the office. I have been assigned a very awesome project that is fun and exciting to work on. I am not at liberty to say what it is, but it is really great, with the potential to have a huge impact on thousands of kids. I have been plagued for a few days by a feeling of being fuzzy in my head. I am pretty sure it is hormone related. I hope it's hormone related.

On Tuesday
Snapper called me from school right before my Bible study started. The dramatic monologue went something like this.
Mom, (sob sob), I am at the nurse's office (sniff snort). My teacher sent me to call you (cough gag sob sob). I just know (hiccup sniff) that you forgot (gag snort) that I have chorus after school (hiccup) today. I just KNOW that I will be standing ALL ALONE (whimper) on the car ramp after chorus (sniff sniff) because you won't remember to pick me up. (WAIL). And poor Pepper (cough cough hiccup) will be terrified because he will have to ride (sniff) the bus (snort) alone (choke gag WAIL). I started thinking about it during class (sob) and I got all worked up (sob) and I started coughing and choking (cough cough choke choke cough gag hiccup). So my teacher made me come call you to calm me down (WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIL)! But I can't (sniff sniff) calm (snort gag) down (hiccup hiccup cough). I think I have pneumonia and I am going to DIE (WAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIL sob sob sob). 
And I thought I was having hormonal trouble!
By the way, not only had I not forgotten about chorus and late pickup, I had prepared Pepper to ride the bus alone. He was thrilled, not terrified. And I had reminded Snapper that morning that I would pick her up after chorus at 4:00. *Sigh*

On Wednesday
I spent a delightful morning working on plans for Snapper's birthday party which is this weekend. The theme, which she came up with by herself, is a trip around the world. Two weeks ago I made awesome plane ticket invitations, which I won't post because they are full of identifying information that I don't want floating around cyberspace. Today I made a passport for each girl coming to the party. They are also awesome. On our way to Awana in our van--which happens to be our only working car--it made a funky noise, the speedometer quit working, and the transmission got stuck in second gear. We took it to Auto Zone and had it tested. The problem is electrical, and the source is up inside the dashboard. This is not going to be a minor fix. *Sigh again.* The happy news of the day was that Pepper got his Sparks vest at Awana!

On Thursday
Since we now had no working cars, my friend Tracie loaned me her van for a couple of days. Matt spent the morning running errands, including picking up the parts for the Cadillac that a ministry partner bought for us. I spent the morning with my friends Tracie and Micael crafting and working on details for Snapper's party. Snapper won a special award at swim team, an award for being the hardest worker in her level! Matt was able to fix the Cadillac with no trouble! We are thankful for God's provision, and that Matt is handy.

On Friday (today)
Confirmed. The fuzzy head was hormone related. The hormone wave has washed out, and my head has returned to normal.
Matt is sick today. This is a problem because it is crunch time for the party, and I was counting on his help. I had to wait until today to buy most of the party supplies, because I just didn't have the money until today. Matt is a total wimp when he gets sick. A head cold (like he has now) may as well be scarlet fever according to his level of neediness. He naps in the living room because he wants to stay close to me. I just have to shake my head and smile, and keep Emergen-C going into him. 
Snapper came home from school with her weekly grade report. For the fourth straight week she got 100% on her grammar test, 100% on her math test, 105% on her spelling test, and a B on her reading test. This perplexes me because grammar, math, and spelling require consistent work and thorough understanding in order to receive such good grade. The reading test each week, on the other hand, is take-home, open book. An A should be pretty much a given for Snapper. Her downfall each week has been the essay question. Somehow she manages to write random gibberish that doesn't even remotely relate to the question. Today she earned 0/11 points for the essay question. I am truly perplexed. 
Pepper has stayed on green (perfect behavior) for three weeks in a row now, of which I am quite proud. He also got 100% on his math test this week. His perplexing behavior today was that he peed in his pants at school. When I asked him why, he said he didn't know he had to go potty. That, my friends, is a big fat bologna sandwich. Pepper has not wet his pants, or his bed, in well over two years. When I questioned him further, I learned that his favorite buddy had an accident today, too. Hmmm...suspicious? Yes.

Saturday (tomorrow)
I have ten 9-year-old girls arriving at 11:00 for a trip around the world. Snapper didn't have a birthday party last year because we had just moved here. We are making up for it this year. While the party is not an expensive one, it is really creative, and promises to be the party of the year. I have heard from several moms whose daughters have never been so excited about a birthday party. With the general trend being to have parties at the movie theater, bowling alley, Build-A-Bear, or another party venue, I think all the girls are ready for a classic, at-home party. I promise I will post photos soon. 

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