Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Milestone

From the time Snapper was very tiny, we noticed that she had a tendency to be very fearful...unhealthy fearful. I can't even begin to tell you how many times she has melted down because of fear over nothing. Here are just a few examples.

-Having the doctor look in her ears
-Getting the flu mist
-Putting her toes in a lake
-Getting her hair cut
-Mildly loud noises (yes, I even had her hearing checked)
-Putting her mouth in the water at swimming lessons
-Riding a bike with training wheels

Ah yes, riding a bike with training wheels. We bought Snapper her first bike for her 4th birthday. She sat on it for about 2 seconds and then melted down. Terrified! It wasn't even moving. When she was 4, I could understand it. But when she was still pitching a fit at the suggestion of riding her bike at almost 7 years old, I was began to wonder. Last summer, at the end of summer, we managed to get her on it a few times. She was still fearful, but managed a few rides in our neighborhood. She is almost 8 years old now, and I had begun to doubt that she would ever learn to ride a bike without training wheels. But then came the surprise of my life.

Last weekend, we dropped Snapper off at a friend's birthday party. When we came back to pick her up, she was riding her friend's 2-wheeler down the street WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS! Turns out she saw her friend's bike in the garage and decided to give it a try. All by herself! With her friend's mom behind the video camera and her little friend cheering her on, Snapper conquered the 2-wheeler!

When we got home, the first thing we did was take the training wheels off Snapper's bike. She wheeled it carefully down the driveway, and rode off down our street, which happens to be a pretty steep street. She did awesome, and now wants to ride her bike every day. I attribute this surge in courage and confidence to her swimming. Overcoming several fears in the pool has made my girl into a much stronger person.

I LOVE that she is fearlessly riding her bike! I LOVE these signs of growing up. I couldn't be prouder. Tomorrow we are planning a family bike ride on the trail by the Arkansas River. Actually, Snapper will be the only one on a bike. Pepper will ride his Hot Wheels, and Matt and I will be dusting off our roller blades. It should be lots of fun! When we get to Orlando, Matt and I are planning to get bikes also, so we can pursue bike riding as a family.


Fabienne said...

Woohoo! Way to go Snapper! Aren't kids amazing? They grow at their own pace and it is good!

RachelRuelas said...

LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!!! YAY! I cannot imagine how that feels. I can't wait to experience that in my own children. GO SNAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!

Southern Belle said...

It is so neat to read about what the Lord is doing in Snappers life. I know when its my sons riding their bike for the first time I'll be just like you taking pictures the whole time. You're a terrific mom!


Kristin said...

aww I'm so glad for her! It's funny what motivates kids to overcome thier fears. My oldest was just turning 8 when she finally learned to ride without training wheels. We told her she could have horse riding lessons AFTER she showed us she was brave enough to first ride a bike! ;)

Laura said...