Thursday, May 20, 2010

Really Happening

They took our counter offer.
We close June 30th.
Two Pods arrive on June 18th, which we will pack and then ship to Orlando.
We leave July 1st for a month-long road trip.
We return July 28th for 2 days of goodbyes.
Then (Lord-willing) we move on July 30th.
It is really happening!


Lori said...

Awesome! So happy for you. Let the packing begin! ;)

Southern Belle said...

Praise God! How happy for you.

Stef said...

WOW!! I remember feeling such a sense of peace when we finally got the go ahead to move here. It was definitely bitter sweet. But I was happy to have a final answer. God telling us where HE wants us.
I'll be praying for you.

Do you have a place to move into??

RachelRuelas said...

Hey Em, which head band would you like for your blog give away?