Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week in Review

It's a lovely Saturday morning...86 degreees already at 8:00. The humidity here keeps it from being a scorcher like we had in California. No, today will be a soaker. 10 minutes outside and my pants will be so damp from the humidity that they'll stick to me, and my upper half will be wet from sweat. Can we say GROSS? The three good things about it are: 1. My skin never gets dry like it did in CA. 2. Our fire danger is very low here. 3. Fireflies like humidity!

I thought since it has been a while since I blogged consistently, I'll recap the events of the last week. Here are the five most important events of our week, in no particular order.

1. Vacation Bible School. Our VBS theme this week was Crocodile Dock. OH MY GOSH...I just realized I didn't take any pictures! Stephanie, save me! Do you have some pictures you can email me? Arrrrgh... Anyhoo, we had a blast! I had five sweet girls in my group. Lauryn gave all the girls (and me) "Billy Bob" names. For example, she was the Original Billy Bob. I was Billy Bob Leader. The littlest girl in our group was Billy Bob Little. Pretty funny! 3rd grade girls are great! Snapper has a great time, too. Pepper enjoyed himself 3 of the 5 days. He's just not a people person.

2. Swimming. We got a membership to the community pool this year, and we have taken full advantage of it. A few times I've taken the kids down to swim in the afternoon. Usually though, we wait until after dinner and go with Matt when hardly anyone is at the pool. Pepper started out terrified of everything. He now motors around the pool independently, held up by the two, small, styrofoam blocks in his wetsuit. He even willingly puts his head under the water! Snapper has joined the swim team, and had her first meet on Tuesday. She has improved so dramatically in the last week! She even placed 2nd in one of her races!

3. Movie and a Dog. Every summer on the Thursday night of VBS week, our church does "Movie and a Dog." We set up a huge screen in the parking lot of the church and show a movie. We rent a bounce house and an inflatable slide. We also serve hot dogs, popcorn, and sno cones. All of it is free, and it is open to the community. This year the movie was "Bolt." It was such a fun evening for our family! The highlight of my evening was when Pepper, who was all cuddled up in my lap, put his head back and noticed the stars. He whispered in my ear, "Look at the 'tars, Mommy. God made the 'tars so beu-full!"

4. Nickname. Pepper has definitely developed a sense of humor. Matt's sister Debbie lives with us, and Pepper has given her a nickname. He calls her Stinky Skunk. Every time he calls her that, he busts up laughing. Thinks he's the funniest kid in the world. The best part is that he rarely says the s sound at the beginning of a word, so it comes out "Tinky Kunk or Tinky Tunk." So every time he says it, I bust up laughing, too. You know this will be a permanent addition to our family's dictionary!

5. Dr. Mario. My favorite childhood video game is now available for the Wii!!! Matt would groan if he told you how many hours I have sat like a lump on the couch this week playing that silly game! has been a long week, and I'm wiped out! There's nothing wrong with an occassional Wii splurge!

Alrighty, swim team practice in 22 mintues and Snapper is still asleep. More another day!


RachelRuelas said...

I love your life Em. You have such a sweet life. All of that sounds like SUCH amazing summer fun! I love each season as it rolls around, and soaking it up as much as possible, sounds like you're doing some soaking too :) Appreciating it as it comes. You go girl.

Stef said...

I absolutely love the idea of Movie and a dog!! Fabulous idea! Your friend Rachel is right... you have a sweet life and I Love that you and Matt are living it to its fullest with your kids. Enjoying what's most important.
I love that Dr. Mario is a wii game too! Yippee!!