Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girly Girl? I think Not...

So we are leaving in about an hour for a camping trip. Our friends Jim and Karon have a boat, so we are joining their family on one of Arkansas' many beautiful lakes for 4 days of fun. I am so stinkin' excited! In the midst of trip preparations yesterday, I found myself in the middle of an animated conversation with Snapper. Oh does that girl make me laugh!

Side note: I am an auntie again! Matt's brother and his wife welcomed baby Giana to the family last week! Another sweet niece to love.

Here's the conversation I had with Snapper. I managed not to, I don't know!

Snapper: Mom, Daddy is letting me bring our bb gun camping!

Me: What are you going to do with it?

S: (fierce whisper) I'm going to shoot ANIMALS!

Me: Why would you want to kill the helpless, little animals?

S: (scornfully) Oh, I'm not going to kill any cute, little ones. I'm going to kill BIG ONES!

Me: What kind of big ones are you going to kill?

S: Hmmm...deer, I think. That's it, I'll shoot a deer!

Me: What will you do with a deer?

S: (crouches down slightly, speaking and gesturing dramatically) Well first I'll shoot it dead! Then I'll get a knife and I'll cut it open. I'll take off its skin and make a nice warm blanket for my bed. Then we can eat the meat inside. Make a stew or something.

Me: That sounds like a great plan, but there's a problem: first, it's not deer hunting season. Second, a bb gun won't kill a deer. It will hurt it, but won't kill it.

S: (face falls) Aw, nuts! I guess I'll have to shoot a squirrel, then.

Me: What would you do with a squirrel? We wouldn't eat a squirrel.

S: Well first, I'll shoot it dead. Then I'll get a knife and cut it open. I'll take off its skin and make a nice, warm sweater for me to wear to school.

Me: How big is a squirrel?

S: (measures with her hands, about 1 foot long)

Me: Would a squirrel sweater fit you?

S: (sighs) I guess not. But it would fit a baby! (all excited, eyes light up) That's it! I've got it! I'll make a sweater for baby Giana! Wouldn't my new cousin love a squirrel sweater I made for her?

Me: Maybe, but I don't think Auntie Jessica would like it so much. Why don't we set up some soda cans for you to shoot at instead? Then we're not hurting any animals, and you can still have fun shooting.

S: I guess that will be fun too. But I really wish I could go deer hunting.

I remember the day when Snapper's chief delights were princess dresses, jewelry, and makeup. And now she wants to go deer hunting? My 6-year-old daughter wants to go deer hunting. I guess she really is an Arkansan now! Girly girl? I think not!


Tara said...

Love that conversation and I can visualize it. Have fun on your trip and Congrats on the new niece.

Southern Belle said...

Oh, that is too funny! What an adorable daughter you have. Have fun camping. = )

Tammy Warta said...


Lori said...

Too cute! She's a character for sure. :)

PS - there's a great scrapbooking giveaway here - made me think of you...

kellyd said...

oh my goodness!! that is sooo funny! i was laughing reading it! how on earth did you manage to not laugh? great story!