Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Dessert

I love cake (certain types only, though). I love ice cream even more. This weekend was like a slice of really yummy cake, or a big bowl of my favorite ice cream. It was really completely ordinary, but to me was jam-packed full of sweetness. Delicious and satisfying with every bite!

My day Saturday was completely consumed by getting my digital scrapbooking supplies organized and safely backed up onto a flash drive. Have I mentioned how much I love photography, my pictures, and the creative process of scrapbooking? I. Love. It. I can't imagine a more wonderful lazy-Saturday activity! Well, the beach is wonderful too, but I don't have a beach here. I digress... Anyway, I created a couple of digital pages, scanned a bunch of older pages, and created two digital fonts of my handwriting so I can use my handwriting in my kids' digital scrapbooks! How cool is that? We ate Chinese food for lunch, and ate leftover Chinese food for dinner. It was lovely! In the evening, Snapper played basketball with the neighbor kids at the end of our cul-de-sac, and Matt and I pushed Pepper on the tire swing in our front yard. I had fun with my camera at this point. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pepper--normally timid--is fearless on this swing. He loves it and would willingly swing for an hour, I think.

Yes, he really is as high up there as it looks. At this point he's a good 15-20 feet in the air!

Okay, how sweet is this? Matt is a wonderful daddy.


The toothless wonder. This shot is the essence of being 6!

Today we went to church, where my pastor preached a message that really made me think. It was convicting, too. I won't fill this post with my thoughts on the message right now. I'm not in the mood to write anything deep. Maybe I'll post about that later this week. After church Debbie treated us to Mexican food at our favorite Mexican restaurant here in town. I had Pollo Adobe...chicken with a cream sauce and fresh, steamed spinach. Can we say YUM!?! We came home from church, and I took my customary post in front of the television for my favorite television event of the week: NASCAR! While I watched the race, I worked on crocheting the blanket I'm making for my soon-to-arrive niece, Giana. Baby is due tomorrow, and blanket still has about 3 hours of work left to do. The race was a particularly exciting one, made completely sweet by victory for my favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson! This evening was community group. We meet every Sunday evening with 3 other couples and 3 single ladies from our church. We have dinner together, talk about various things (we usually get pretty deep), and pray together. I love these people so much, and look forward to Sunday nights. Now we're home, and I'm listening to Matt doing his nightly devotion time with Snapper and Pepper. Have I mentioned how much I cherish his spiritual leadership? How priceless to have a husband who is actively involved in the spiritual development of our family! Blessed.

The frosting on my weekend was a little situation we encountered on the way home from community group tonight. Snapper was talking about needing a shower when we got home. Here's how the conversation went.

Snapper: "I really need a shower when we get home. I'm all sweaty and gross."
Me: "That sounds good. I'm glad you like to be clean."
Matt: "Please take your shower in Debbie's bathroom. If you're going to be taking showers instead of baths, you need to use that bathroom."
Snapper: "But I like your shower. It's a better shower. I don't want to use Deb-Deb's shower."
(note: Our shower is a tiny box shower. Debbie's shower is a regular bathtub/shower combo)
Me: "Debbie's shower is so much bigger than ours. You'll have more room to move in her shower.
(complete silence from the back seat)
Snapper: (in a thoroughly disgusted tone of voice) "I DON'T POOP IN THE SHOWER!!!"
(Matt and I erupt into laughter...and laugh...and laugh...and laugh).
Snapper: "What? Why are you laughing? You aren't supposed to poop in the shower!"
Me: (words choked out between spasms of laughter) "I'm very glad you don't poop in the shower!"
Matt: "Snapper, Mommy said there is more room to MOVE in the shower, not more room to POOP in the shower!"
Snapper: (dissolves into giggles): "OHHHHHH!!!" I thought she said there was more room to poop in the shower!"

We laughed together the rest of the way home. In fact, I'm still chuckling. Matt and I knew by the tone of Snapper's voice that she genuinely mis-heard me. There was nothing contrived about that statement. Oh, was it funny! Yup, definitely the frosting...or the whipped cream and cherry if you top off a great weekend!


Melissa said...

Haha that is stinkin funny!!! I don't know who debbie is, but I am sure she is glad snapper is not going to poop in her shower.

RachelRuelas said...

i just love hearing about your family stories :) You guys are adorable!