Monday, May 25, 2009

I've Been Tagged

A few days back my friend Sarah tagged me with 5 things I love about being a mom. Since this was a rather quiet and uneventful weekend and I have nothing to write about, now is a good time to complete this tag!

5 Things I Love About Being A Mom

1. Seeing pieces of myself and Matt in the kids. I am frequently amazed at how our genes combined to produce two fair-skinned, blond-haired kids that still manage to look so much like me. Pepper has looked a lot like me from the beginning. But as Snapper is maturing, I see more of me every day. Both kids even move like I do. But then they laugh...and sound just like Matt's whole family. And they get facial expressions that come directly off of Matt's face. It blows my mind! Maybe that's part of why I want another baby so badly. I never get tired of watching us come out in them!

2. Making memories as a family. I have made it my goal to follow in my mom's footsteps and create strong family traditions for the kids. We also love to be spontaneous and try new things. I guess it is seeing our family take on its own, unique personality through our experiences that I love so much. I cherish the memories we have already made.

3. Watching the kids grow, change, and learn new things. In the last week Snapper finally overcame her fear of riding her bike (with training wheels). She and her friends H, C, and J raced fearlessly up and down the street on bikes and scooters. Snapper also lost both her front teeth recently. I love the stage she's in, and I love watching her grow in her independence. Pepper's growth has come in the area of self control. He's almost potty trained now. And he has made big strides in our battle against screaming. He is finally getting the concept of using his words to communicate.

4. Their sweet, soft, cuddly, little bodies. Every time I hold Pepper, I run my finger over his cheeks, so soft and chubby. I bury my nose in his hair and smell that wonderful baby shampoo scent. I nestle his head in under my chin and hold him tight. I savor those cuddling moments because he is growing so fast. Whenever Snapper puts her hand in mine, I squeeze it and make note of how her hand is no longer so tiny in my hand. I remember nursing her as a newborn, marveling at how perfectly she fit in my arms. I remember putting away baby shower gifts, and wondering if she would ever be big enough to wear the size 18 months clothing I'd been given. *Sigh*

5. The things they say--sweet, cute, funny, embarrassing, etc. There's nothing I love more than laughter. And nothing makes me laugh so hard as a funny something out of the mouths of my children. They are a blessing, a joy, a delight. continue this...I will tag:
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Smarshie said...

These are SO great, Emily. You are such a wonderful mother. =)