Friday, October 25, 2013

Crisis of Motherhood

A second post in one day? I know, right? I'm having a major crisis right now. Tonight is Homecoming at Snapper's school. Because it's a private school, the entire school--from Pre-K on up--gets involved in Spirit Week and Homecoming. Most of the school will turn out for the Homecoming game tonight. She has wanted to go so badly, but Daddy has karate belt testing tonight and no way am I tackling Homecoming alone with all five kids, especially when I can't trust two of them to mind me. Snapper was dreadfully disappointed, but handled her disappointment with such grace and understanding. She's such a blessing, so mature and thoughtful for her age. I don't know what I'd do without her. Then today, when her BFF found out that Snapper wasn't going, she called her mom and they invited Snapper to go with them. Of course, I didn't hesitate! I'm so delighted that she has the opportunity to go, especially since she was so gracious in how she handled herself when she thought she couldn't go. I'm about to go help her get herself all glamorous for the game. Curled hair, cute outfit in school colors, big hairbow, she's going to look adorable. And she's going to have so much fun!

Here's the crisis of motherhood:

How did my baby girl get so doggone old??? 

It seems like yesterday she was toddling around singing "inkle inkle itta tar."

And now she's going to Homecoming.


I'll update this post with photos shortly.

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Kelly said...

Oh, they grow up sooooo fast. My oldest just turned 21 and I walked around all day in a daze of remembrance. Replaying the day he was born and his milestones.

She is adorable!!!! So glad she got to go with her friend.