Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yesterday when Matt and I were driving home from work, we spotted the location of the new Hobby Lobby that is going in close to us. I am so excited because 1. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store in the whole, entire world and 2. Now I'll only have to drive 10 minutes as opposed to the 40 minutes I had to drive before. Just seeing that orange sign perked me up and got me excited!

Today my sewing machine is whispering to me from my craft table. I haven't done any sewing in months. There are several pairs of cut off old jeans waiting to be sewn into purses for my daughters and nieces for Christmas. My box of yarn and crochet hooks is calling my name. Oh, to know the gender of this baby growing in me!!! Because neutral colors just aren't as fun.

As I've been so dreadfully sick this pregnancy, I've had plenty of time to browse and dream on Pinterest. My boards are bursting with fun new ideas. So much to do!

One of my dear friends from church is a gifted jewelry maker. She's going to help me make special gifts for the dear families that support our ministry. I am so excited to get working on that project!

The crafting bug that usually bites me in the fall has infected me yet again. Get ready, Hobby Lobby! Be prepared, sewing machine, Mod Podge, crochet hooks, and other craft supplies! Craft Woman is on the rise, and she's more powerful than ever before!

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