Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Can't Stop Crying!

A few months ago, Pepper got very frustrated with something. In desperation he yelled out, "This is L-A-I-M. LAME!" We laughed and laughed. He didn't know why we were laughing, but he had to laugh with us. L-A-I-M has become a catch phrase around our house.

Today I am feeling L-A-I-M. I can't stop crying. Today is my little Snapper's 11th birthday. Of course, I had to have her on 9/11. So my emotions are a garbled mix of pure joy at the incredible young lady Snapper is becoming, anxiety at how fast the years are slipping away (live her life over and she's older than I was when I got married), grief at the memory of 9/11 twelve years ago, and deep sadness at the fact that my mom didn't get to watch her granddaughter grow up. Throw in a healthy dose of pregnancy hormones and I am a hot mess. I have been bawling off and on since I woke up this morning. I just can't get myself together!

I hung the usual birthday signs this morning and Matt made cheese souffle for breakfast--Snapper's favorite. Last night Matt went up to the school and filled Snapper's locker with streamers, balloons, and candy. He went with her this morning to take photos of her when she opened her locker. I am making caramel corn to take up to the school for Snapper to share with her small group this afternoon. Tonight we are having pizza before Awana at church. Tomorrow night I'll make the dinner of her choice. When my sickness has passed, I'll have a birthday party for her. Special girl deserves special treatment!

I suppose now would be a good time to sing my daughter's praises. She is a remarkable kid. In the craziness of the last 15 months and adding three high needs kids to our family, Snapper hasn't gotten as much attention as she should have. I will gladly remedy that now.

Today Snapper is 11 years old.

  • 4'9" tall (52%)
  • 76 pounds (34%)
  • She wears a size 10 shorts and bathing suit, size 12 slim pants, size 10/12 shirt
  • Size 8.5 shoe
  • Favorite colors are turquoise and purple
  • Favorite animal is a cat
  • Still a competitive swimmer, going strong! She just qualified for the state championships in backstroke and IM!!! 
  • An EXCELLENT 6th grade student
  • Attends a college prep school and takes all honors classes
  • We just got her first progress report and were delighted that she has ALL A+ grades! Seriously? Not just straight A's, y'all! She's one smart cookie and a very hard worker
  • Poorly organized, but determined to change that. She's succeeding with this in her schoolwork.
  • Best friends are Myah, Victoria, and Ryan
  • Favorite activities: reading, computer/DS games, playing with her dolls, playing with her little sister Bubbles, painting, karate
  • Terrified of severe storms
  • Not a morning person. At all.
  • Favorite foods: Hashbrown casserole, cheese souffle, ice cream
  • LOVES school
  • Favorite classes: P.E. and Math
  • Personality strengths: compassion, generosity, sensitivity to others, friendly, loyal, outgoing, faithful, responsible, trustworthy
  • Personality quirks: easily irritated, can be snappish, disorganized and messy at home, passive
  • Loves God passionately

Snapper is a complete delight. She is so much fun to be with. I thoroughly enjoy the alone times we get to have. I'm coaching her school swim team in order to do something that just about her. I rarely have to discipline Snapper. All the hard work we did when she was little is paying off now! I am so thankful to get the privilege of being mom to this amazing young lady. Each year with her has gotten better and better. I don't dread the teen years. Not at all! I welcome them and am looking forward to enjoying those years with her! Thank you, dear God, for giving me the gift of this amazing daughter!


Kathy C. said...

Happy birthday to an amazing girl! (I don't know her but she just sounds amazing)

Stef said...

Happy Birthday! I wish these years would slow down. I feel like she should be turning 8... maybe. SLOW DOWN! :)

Tara said...

I think one of the first blog posts I remember about Snapper was her getting her ears pierced. I have enjoyed seeing her grow into a little lady. I hope she had a great birthday, and I hope you are feeling much better after your hospital stay. Party soon?