Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Party Thoughts

When I was little, my mom used to throw elaborate theme parties for my sister and me. They weren't expensive...just very creatively done. I loved my parties. My friends loved my parties, too. Even when I was a kid, I vowed that I would do the same thing for my kids. For the most part, I have.

Snapper's Parties:
1- Luau
2- Pooh Bear Picnic
3- Balloons
4- No at an indoor playground
5- Gardening
6- No party...she opted to go on a shopping spree and date day with me instead
7- Cooking
8- No party...we had just moved to Orlando and she had no friends. We spent a day at Downtown Disney, and a day at the beach.
9- Around the World (coolest party EVER)
10- Day at SeaWorld, eating meals and treats at the park (which we don't usually do)
11- Theme TBD. Because I've been so horribly sick with this pregnancy, I've promised Snapper a party once I feel better. She's thinking of having a Bunco party this year. That would be a fun way to get to know her new friends at her new school.

Bubbles, Sunny, and Piper have only been with us for one birthday each. Prior to coming to live with us, they'd never had a real birthday party. I decided to remedy that by going all out on the parties. I let them know I won't usually do parties that big and fancy, but I wanted their first with us to be really special.
Bubbles' 8th- Under the Sea
Piper's 7th- Formal Tea Party
Sunny's 5th- Teddy Bear Picnic

Pepper has always been more difficult. His birthday is in July, and because we're missionaries, we almost always travel in the summer. And we're not talking being gone a week...this summer we were gone for 7 weeks. No time to do a party at home. His birthday celebrations have always been special, just not themed birthday parties. He has always been fine with that.

1- Cake smash party with a few close friends and Matt's mom, who was in town
2- Baseball party
3- Pool pizza party
4- Lucky kid got three parties while we were on the road with different branches of our family! Transformers theme, Fireman theme, and a family get-together.
5- We spent the day at Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY. He got a new cowboy hat and lots of treats.
6- Pool pizza party in Little Rock
7- Limo ride to the park with friends in Wyoming

I'm hoping we'll be home for his 8th birthday so I can do a pirate party for him. I can think of so many fun things to do!

Bubbles' 9th birthday is next month. She wants a mustache party. Hmm....
Piper is already talking party themes. She wants a spa party with makeovers and glamour photos. FUN!
Sunny can't decide if she wants a party, or if she wants Daddy to take her to Disney for a day. I vote Disney...easier for me because I'll be only 2 months away from Baby's arrival then.

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Rachel McDonald said...

you're such a great mom Em. I hope to be at least half the mom you are someday!