Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am so excited!!!

I just booked plane tickets!!!

But they aren't for me. I booked tickets for my birthmom, Sherry, to come spend 2 weeks with us in September! Since my mom passed away, Sherry has been another mom to me. While she will never replace my mom, I am so grateful for the wonderful relationship we have, and that I have a second mom. I can talk to her about anything, and I know she loves me unconditionally, just like my mom did. How blessed am I! She is also a proud, doting Nana to my kids. Her life revolves around Snapper and Pepper, and my baby niece, Leah.  She saves up all her extra money so she can have the fun of spending it on the kids. Her refrigerator is plastered with their artwork and school papers that I send to her. She has her "shrine," as she calls it, of their photos on her desk at work. She is beyond excited to come, and we can't wait to see her! Because she lives in Arizona, the last time the kids saw her was when she visited us in Little Rock almost 3 years ago. It is going to be so much fun!

She'll be here for both my birthday and Snapper's birthday. I'm sensing a day at SeaWorld, a day at the beach, maybe some kayaking at our favorite state park, and a lot of time looking at photo albums. Snapper will have a swim meet while she's here, too, which was really important to Nana. Nana was a swimmer from age 7 until she graduated high school. She is dying to see Snapper swim at a meet. She will get her wish!

We're hoping our new kids will be home by then, too, so they can have some bonding time with Nana. I hope that them getting to see the relationship I have with her will give them some hope. I really hope that someday they'll be able to have some sort of relationship with their birth family, too. No, we don't have the final word yet on the three girls. But I am praying they are ours.

Anyhoo, Nana is coming in September and I can hardly wait!

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