Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweetest Girl

This weekend Snapper turned 8. Because she doesn't have any friends in Florida yet, we decided we would have a family birthday blowout. We took the money we would have used on a party and spent it on a great family day.

Our day started out the night before the actual birthday with an 8th birthday cake and all the ice cream we could hold.

On birthday morning, Snapper had a swim meet, so it was up early for balloons, banners, and presents in our birthday tradition.

She had a fabulous swim meet, setting three new personal best times, and finishing 6th or better in all events she swam with the 8&unders.

After the meet finished, we took our sweaty, starving selves to McDonald's for lunch. Then we headed down to Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a great shopping and dining area just outside of Disney World. Admission is free and it is a fun place to walk around and shop. Snapper spent some of her birthday money at the Lego store.

We ate dinner at T-Rex, which is like the Rain Forest Cafe. The only real difference is that there are giant robotic dinosaurs everywhere. The food, while a bit pricey, was fabulous. The portions were generous, and the atmosphere delightful. Totally worth a little extra money.

We finished our day with a stop at Build-A-Bear Workshop, where Snapper spent the rest of her money on Clara Lia Kittycat and accessories.

We are so proud of our sweet girl and the lovely young lady she is becoming. Where in the world have the last 8 years gone?


Lark said...

AWE!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! She is beautiful! It looks like y'all had a fun-filled day!

Kit said...

Oh what a great birthday! I remember the Lego Store when I was there 3 years ago. Cool place! Next time I will have to try T-Rex's. Happy Birthday Snapper!

momto5minnies said...

She is beautiful and I'm pretty positive from those photos that she had a fabulous birthday!!!!!

In our family we sometimes trade out parties for bigger gifts ;)

Lori said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet girl! :)