Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip: Week 2 in Photos

Week 2: Santa Cruz, California

Week 2 was our week with my family. My dad and step-mom live on 10 gorgeous acres in the Santa Cruz mountains on the Central Coast of California. This is where I grew up, and is the dearest place in the world to me. Most of the week was spent relaxing at the house and enjoying visits to favorite old haunts of mine...and eating the best Mexican and Chinese food ever!

My dad, Snapper's Poppa, took Snapper for a drive downtown in his new convertible.

My dad is the grill master, and made fabulous tri-tip for us. I have been so tri-tip deprived in Little Rock!

Matt and I took Pepper to play disc golf on our home course at De Laveaga in Santa Cruz. This course is known as one of the best and most beautiful disc golf courses in the world.

My sister hosted a 4th birthday party for Pepper. I spent a small fortune on this Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, but it was totally worth every penny!

Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz is my beach, and we always take the kids there when we're in town. We had a cool, mostly foggy day at the beach, but that didn't stop Pepper from building sand castles!

And the cold didn't stop Snapper from playing in the water. Matt took her out deeper and taught her how to navigate big waves in very cold water.

As for me, I spent most of the day on my soft towel watching the waves and the kids.

My Granny is 92 years old and has Parkinson's Disease. I spent a morning with her, and loved every minute.

Snapper is very close with her cousins LJ and CJ. I picked up these cute tops for them on clearance at Gymboree. Seriously, I only paid $5.99 for each shirt! How cute is that?

And here is my life. Need I say more? I am so blessed!

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