Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Locks of Love

In May of 2008, Snapper and I both cut our hair and donated it to Locks of Love in memory of my mom who died of ovarian cancer in 2003. On the way home from the salon that day, Snapper told me she wanted to start growing out her hair for Locks of Love again. In case you don't already know, Locks of Love is a great organization that takes donated hair and makes it into wigs for disadvantaged kids who are suffering from long-term hair loss. Check out their website. Maybe you or your child can donate, too.

Locks of Love 

Today was hair cut day for Snapper. My best friend Noel is just finishing cosmetology school, so we gave her her first chance to do a Locks of Love hair cut. Snapper's beautiful hair has been a struggle to maintain. It is very thick and very fine, and with all the swimming she does, it tangles easily. Even with special products, and lots of care, I still have had to work 15-20 minutes each day to keep Snapper's hair in decent condition. She was thrilled to cut it, and thrilled that a child in need will get to have her hair. It is a little shorter than we were expecting, but it is still adorable, and she loves it. I will let the photos do the talking from here on.


Stef said...

oh my goodness, she looks adorable this way! She's lucky because she can do both long and short with her face.

Jen said...

That is such a great thing for snapper to do!! How wonderful, and I love her short hair, it's adorable!!

E. Charlotte said...

I have always loved Locks of Love and have known many friends who have contributed. (My hair has yet to be long enough to be of use!)

It's wonderful that your daughter wanted to help this great cause. And she looks wonderful with the new short 'do! Pretty and perfect for summer. :)

Tara said...

Yep, she looks cute with either long or short hair. What a great cause for her to participate.

Lori said...

That's some talented braiding! What a great way to honor your mom. Go, snapper!