Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Blog Recap

Fun one, Jo-Lynne! I didn't really want to do a boring review of my year, but I did feel the need to say goodbye to 2009. I loved the idea of going back and listing the first line of the first post of each month. Definitely fun to read back through and remember my year. So here is my link to the 2009 Blog Recap carnival at Musings of A Housewife, which is one of my favorite blogs, by the way.


Happy 2009, my friends!

This was such a fun post! I shared my Top 12 photos from 2008, and why they were my favorites. It is amazing to look back on them today and see how much my kids have grown and changed! Yup, this one is a definite repeater! Tomorrow!


Is there anything more welcome than the sight of your own home after a long trip?

This was posted the day after we returned home from a 5-week support-raising trip to California and Nevada. It was the first of several trips this year, most of which were for business purposes. I still agree--east or west, home is best!


Well, it's actually not that extreme, but it sure feels extreme to me!

In 2009 we took our tax return money and put it into home improvements. The biggest job for me was refinishing our kitchen cabinets. Yes, it did end up being extreme! Took me 2 months, start to finish! Worth the effort? Most definitely!


It's another fabulous edition of Works for Me Wednesday.

I participated in several Works for Me Wednesdays at We Are THAT Family. It is such fun to hear ideas from other people, and to try them out in your own home! This blog carnival increased my blog traffic, and brought me some sweet new friends as well! This particular week was the reverse edition, where I asked a question and others volunteered their answers. Cool beans!
After a very frustrating Thursday night (United gave them bogus hotel vouchers, and after finally admitting the error, put them up in a hotel 20 miles away from the airport), Frank and Tammy finally arrived on Friday afternoon.

My highschool friends Frank and Tammy are going into full-time ministry. It's a dance ministry called Turning Point, and Tammy has made a big impact on a lot of people through this ministry. They came from California for a few days of support-raising training. However, the travel woes were many and horrible. But as the title of this post states, it all came together. Check out Tammy's blog to see an amazing outreach in California! You rock, Frank and Tammy and Sam! I love you!
Have you ever heard of Arnica Gel?
This What I've Learned post, part of the Musings of A Housewife blog carnival, is of the few educational type posts I've done. This one talks about a great, natural, muscle pain reliever, and how to create a truetype font out of your own handwriting! Awesome!
On June 30, 2001, I married the man of my dreams.

Awww! An anniversary post with a few of our wedding pictures. How sweet!
Well hello there, strangers!

Another homecoming post. This one recaps our road trip that landed us in 9 states. Lots of scenery pictures! Lots of food pictures! This one is a post for my memory book for sure! Kinda long for others to read, but fun for me.
My children are not perfect, little angels.
Ha ha! Nope, they're not! But this post was not about their crimes. It was about celebrating character growth in your children. It is definitely one you should check out if you're looking for a fun family activity, or if you are in a phase of life where it's hard to find ways to praise your kids. We all go through those phases.
So as I look back through the 270 posts over the last 18 months, I realize that very few are about my hubby, and even fewer are about us as a couple.

My friend Stefanie tagged me in this fun post about Matt and me as a couple. This is another one I need to do at least once a year! Wanna know more about us? Read up!
One of my favorite things about fall is cooking fall recipes.

Ooooh! This is one mouth-watering post! Need some wonderful fall recipes? Actually they're recipes for any time. Come and get them!
After a hiatus of nearly a month, Emily returns to the blog world!

Yup! I'm back, and I look forward to kicking off a new year of blogging. I am two posts away from 300! I think I'll do a giveaway! So stay tuned! Happy New Year, friends!


Tara said...

I'm thinking I may do this tomorrow. A day late....yeah, remember my brain activity is leaving a lot to be desired lately anyway. Glad I'm not in the boat alone!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Great idea! Weird to boil 2009 down to something so short, isn't it? Time flies.

Southern Belle said...

What a neat idea...a blog recap. Maybe tomorrow when I can put two sentences together I try to post my own.