Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Which My Daughter Steals the Show

On Saturday and Sunday, Matt and Snapper were in our church's Christmas musical. Snapper was in the children's choir, which sang the first verse of one of the songs. On Sunday, Snapper was tired. After the kids' part in the song was done, they sat down on the stage. At that point Snapper checked out. I think that the lights were so bright that Snapper forgot there was a church full of people watching her. Clueless! In her sweet oblivion, she unintentionally stole the show. Here's a 1-minute video for you. Enjoy a laugh!

Snapper's Shining Moment


RachelRuelas said...

That is HILARIOUS... At least she didn't pick her nose and eat it, or fall asleep :) And even in the midst of all of that, she's STILL adorable :)

Emily said...

Ha! Watch it again. She did pick her nose. She didn't eat it, but she did flick it! It's the last clip on the video.

Stef said...

hahahaha!!! I think its cute when she began rubbing her ear. You can tell she's SO tired. Such a funny video!