Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I've Learned

Wow...it has been a while since I participated in What I've Learned This Week, hosted by Musings of a Housewife. What I learned this week explains why I haven't participated.

1. Pay attention to the warning screens your computer gives you in the days prior to a crash. It is serious...and yes, the computer really is going to crash.

2. Back up your photos on and external hard drive AND cd's. BUT...make sure you check each cd to verify that it burned properly, and check your external hard drive every so often to make sure it has backed up properly. I went to print some May pictures today, only to discover that my April/May photo cd did not burn right. And those two months of photos did not back up on my external hard drive. They are gone. I am sick over it. I am just super thankful that I had already selected my photos for scrapbooking from those months and burned them onto a cd. At least I have the highlight photos. But I'm still sick over the loss of those photos.

3. When your computer finally gives up the ghost, be very firm with the Best Buy Geek Squad about your expectations of them. Ask that every conversation be documented. Write down the names of the associates who helped you.

4. If you ever do buy a computer at Best Buy, make sure you purchase their product replacement and service plan. IT IS WORTH THE $300 YOU WILL SPEND ON IT! This time they shipped our computer to the manufacturer who determined it was a faulty computer and they gave us a brand new computer! 2 years newer than the one we took in for repairs. Faster. More memory. And oh, so nice!!!

5. Having a brand new computer is wonderful! Thank you God!


The Real Me! said...

I feel your pain and we just bought a computer from Best Buy. We've had an external hard drive since the last time our computer crashed. I'm not one who likes to learn the hard way. I'd rather read it in a book! LOL

Wendy said...

My computer hasn't been giving me any warning messages, yet I still live in fear of bad things happening to it. I have no idea how to back things up so it's a scary thought. Why can't computers just continue to work forever? Is that really asking too much?

jen@odbt said...

Oh this is a good reminder to back up. I've been meaning to also transfer my pics to cd. I'm sorry you lost your pictures. Glad you have a new computer though.

melaniet42 said...

So sad about the lost pictures! OMG! I don't know what I'd do!

Tara said...

I think I need to check into the external hard drive. Our desktop is getting slower by the day and we're waiting on it to finally kick the bucket.