Friday, July 17, 2009

Spotlight on Snapper

A few weeks ago Matt and I gave Snapper's room a much-needed makeover. When Debbie moved in with us last year, she got Snapper's pink room, and Snapper moved into the bigger guest room/office. The guest room was a beautiful blue and white. Rich blue on the upper half of the room, with white wainscoting around the bottom of the room. I have a beautiful blue, patchwork quilt that went on the guest bed, and accent pillows, dust ruffle, and valance of Battenburg lace. It was such a fresh, pretty room. But when we moved Snapper into her, her pink things were rather an eyesore. Here are some pics of the before and afters of the room.

The guest room/office when we bought the house

The guest room/office after we painted and decorated it, 2006

Not looking so hot in the middle of moving Snapper's stuff into it

Ahhhh! All fresh and pretty for our little girl.

Her pretty bed.

I also thought it would be fun to show you Snapper's swimming. Here's the video of her race last Tuesday. I was sitting in the thick of a crowd of parents cheering for the other team, so I didn't even try to make any commentary. So proud of our girl!

On a totally different note--Matt and I are pulling out bright and early tomorrow morning for our trip to Colorado. Our missions agency hosts a training conference for all the U.S. staff every other year. We worship together (there are about 5,000 of us!), listen to speakers, and hear about what is going on with the different divisions of our agency around the world. We get to go to breakout seminars about all sorts of great topics that encourage us in our spiritual growth. We also have lots of down time when we can go swimming, hang out with friends, and go see the beauty of the area around Denver. This will be out third time attending Staff Training, and it has been wonderful every time. Matt and I are so excited to have this opportunity to go! I may get in a few posts while I'm gone, but I'm not going to make any promises. Tomorrow night we'll stop in Amarillo, Texas. The next night we'll be with friends in Colorado Springs. From there it's on to Denver! Wahoo!!!


Southern Belle said...

Snappers room looks great and she swims so well! Hope you have a wonderful time in Denver.

By the way, I replied to your post on my blog. = )

Lori said...

Sounds like you'll have a great time! Safe travels.

Stef said...

I love the room make over!! I'm a sucker for wainscoting, so I think that part is awesome. The shade of pink is beautiful too! Great job guys.

Have fun on your time away. Em, I hope your ear/throat get well soon!

RachelRuelas said...

the room looks adorable! Oh I am STOKED for you and your man! What an AMAZING trip! Colorado is BEYOND gorgeous! I hope and pray you have a lovely, refreshing, relaxing time where God really refreshed your hearts and your passions for what He's called you to do :)
Ps: I cannot wait for those said posts, I'm not holding my breath, but I hope you do get to post while you're there!