Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Time Has Come

Back in the early fall I decided to potty train Pepper. It went well...for the most part. He was very consistent about getting his poops in the potty, but he just couldn't figure out the pee-pee routine. As long as he was naked, he would make it to the potty. But once the secure feeling of underwear was on him, he would forget to go to the potty. After a month of this, I decided to put potty training on hold and give him a few more months. The few more months did the trick, apparently. Yesteday I went to Babies R Us and stocked up on those thick, padded, training pants. Little Mister is too skinny for Pull-Ups! I also picked up little potty seat inserts for the toilets in our house, and a step stool for each toilet.

This morning I explained the drill to Pepper. No pee in the undies. Pee in the potty. No pee in the undies. Pee in the potty. No pee in the undies. Pee in the potty. And we were off! He made it a whole 10 minutes before pee went in the undies. Then some pee went in the potty. A half hour later, pee went in the second pair of undies. Then pee went in the potty. But then we broke out the third pair, and it was like a light came on for Pepper. Pee goes in the potty! Therefore, tell Mommy when I have to pee and then run for the potty. The third pair of undies went on him at 10:00. He stayed dry until lunch, peeing in the potty as needed. I diapered him for his nap, promising candy if he woke up with a dry diaper.

3 hours later, Pepper hollered to me that he had to go potty. I ran up to his room, got him out of his bed, and headed for the bathroom. He took off his DRY diaper, climbed up on the potty, and put pee in the potty, just like Mommy told him to! He thoroughly enjoyed the lollipop that came afterward! I just tucked Pepper into bed for the night, trading that same pair of dry undies for a nighttime diaper. He went from 10:00 this morning until bedtime with dry underwear! He is super proud of himself, and I begin to have hope that potty training will not be as big of an ordeal as I was expecting! Three cheers for Pepper!


Hofwoman said...

Hurray for Jackson! And the great mommy diligence award goes to you, Em! :)

The Yorks said...

Good for you Jackson! Way to go buddy!