Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theology, Penmanship, and a Minivan

We have now been home for a week, and life has settled back into a comfortable rhythm. I feel in control enough over laundry, dishes, and children to think about writing again. I'll warn you in advance--this blog is not very exciting. It's more of an update.

While we were in California, we made a 3-day detour up to the Lake Tahoe area to visit my cousin John and his wife Daisy. John is the youth pastor at a church up there. While we were there with John and Daisy, we had some great talks. If I lived close to Daisy, she would become a best friend for sure. We're so like-minded in so many ways. I loved the hours I spent cuddled up on the couch in their living room talking about everything under the sun with Daisy. John teaches a theology class at his church, and Matt and I got to go to that class while we were there. John is an incredible teacher. He taught a 90-minute class on a very...shall we say, heavy...topic. And the time flew by. He is so passionate about what he was teaching that his enthusiasm spread. It was an awesome class. The class, combined with my deep discussions with Daisy, have sparked a blaze in me.

I want to start digging deeper and learn more about God. I'm hungry for more of the Lord. So yesterday I headed to the Christian book store and purchased a "Concise Theology," by J.I. Packer. It is not a textbook by any means, but it is a basic theology book broken into bite-sized chunks for busy people like myself who don't necessarily have the time or energy to put into extensive study. I'm really excited to go through the book and dig for new truth!

Moving on.

While we were in California, we didn't get very much of Snapper's schoolwork done. All my good intentions, well, they remain good intentions that just didn't come to pass. We spent so much time on the road, meeting with people, working, that school took the back burner. And something very interesting happened. I discovered it yesterday, and confirmed it today. Either the time off, or a spurt of brain growth occurred in Snapper during the 5 weeks we were away. Her penmanship has taken an amazing turn for the better. Hallelujah! Her ability to focus has improved. And her general ease in doing schoolwork has matured as well. I was beginning to wonder if we'd be able to tackle cursive writing in 2nd grade. My concerns are now gone! Hooray! I love days like today.

Thursday will find us on the road...again. We're renting a car (our van still leaks transmission fluid when not parked facing down a hill), and driving straight through to North Carolina. It's a 14-hour drive. Don't worry, we borrowed a second portable dvd player to avoid disputes over movies. During our entire 5 weeks in CA (and close to 4,000 miles driven), the only movies Pepper would watch were Shrek, Shrek 2, and Horton Hears A Who. Poor Snapper is sick of those movies. So thanks to the borrowed dvd player, we'll be able to plug the kids in and go. They won't watch movies the entire time, but it will buy us some hours. Matt is working at a conference there in NC, and the kids and I will spend the weekend visiting Beverly.

While we're there, we're going to pick up OUR NEW VAN! Here's the amazing part. This van is being given to us. It's an older minivan with high miles, but it is still with the original owner who is a mechanic and has fixed the van up for us! When the owner gave it to us, he didn't know we were going to be in Charlotte in February. Charlotte is where he is. Amazing! Thanks, Lord!

I'll leave you with one last thing to think about. How can it be 71 degrees on a Wednesday and then snow on a Friday? That's the forecast for us this week. Weird...

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