Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Bit of Silliness

I love my kids. They bring so much joy into my life. They say funny things every day, and I have to write them down. So here are the funnies for this week.

Pepper: Climbs up on the couch next to Daddy and says, "Hey there Weirdo!"

Snapper: At bedtime one night, Matt said he was her best daddy. Her reply: "No, God is my best daddy. He's my father in Heaven. You're just my best daddy on earth. If you die, I'll have two heavenly fathers, and then I'll get a step-dad."

Pepper: Praying at dinner last night..."Dear Jesus, uhduh uhduh uhduh, thank you food, uhduh uhduh uhduh, thanks Jesus, uhduh uhduh, and Mama, uhduh uhduh uhduh, and thanks Daddy, uhduh uhduh uhduh, 'Snapper' too! uhduh uhduh (squints his eyes open and looks around) uhduh, and thanks Jesus for spoons, uhduh uhduh, and thanks Jesus for tables, uhduh uhduh uhduh, and Mama and Zoe, uhduh uhduh, and Alara (Deb-Deb's cat), uhduh and yummy food! Thanks Jesus, Amen!"

Snapper: On my birthday, she wrapped one of her dolls in a bandana, tied it with string, and gave it to me as a present. Then she said, "Well Mom, it's actually not a real present. It is a real present, but actually it's not real because it's so special to me and you can't keep it. You can look at it for a minute but then you have to give it back. I know Mommy! You can give it back now! That's sharing, and you need to practice sharing with me."

Pepper: He walked in on me when I was in the tub (oops!). He looked at me and asked, "Mama, where your penis go?" Can anyone tell we're potty training? Oh the joy of having a little boy!

Pepper: He spends much of every day trying to catch every fly that lands on our dining room windowsill. When he does catch one, he smashes it and flushes it down the toilet. The other night he came to Matt and said, "Look Daddy! I got a bug!" There was a smashed bug on his finger. Matt removed the bug with his bare hand, only to realize it wasn't a bug....Can anyone tell we're potty training?

Snapper: Today she saw a little girl at the store who had big, frizzy, brown hair and glasses. She went over to the girl before I could stop her and said, "You look just like Princess Mia from The Princess Diaries. Only you need a makeover just like she did. Then you'll be a princess, too!"

Pepper: We are still taking care of our friend's goats while she is out of town. Yesterday I took Jackson with me. He watched in fascination as I milked the goat. I took him in my lap and let him try milking. I guided his hand down to the udder and helped him squeeze some milk out. A little milk got on his hand. He started to cry and said, "Oh no Mama, that goat go pee on me!"

I'm treasuring these times, because I know how fast it will be gone. Do teenagers say funny things too?

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My name is Stacie... said...

Teenagers say lots of funny things! You just wait.