Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Step

Each year that passes pushes Snapper to take bigger steps into the world of big kids. Tonight she took yet another step...this time onto the stage. She has begun Children's Theater at church! She came bouncing home with a cd of the music she'll be learning for the Christmas musical the kids will be doing. She's super excited, and hoping to land a speaking part. I have warned her not to get her hopes up, since this is her first musical. I do know that when the time comes, my little diva will light up the stage. After all, she has been performing since the moment she made her appearance into the world almost 6 years ago! Watch out Hollywood! Here comes Snapper!


Anonymous said...

she's got the beauty and the talent it seems :) what a doll you've got on your hands :)

Lori and Gabe said...

She seems like a natural for the stage - how fun!