Monday, May 30, 2016

Closing a Novel

Someone said to me yesterday that we're "closing a chapter" in our lives. Nope...this is more like completing a novel in a series. We've spent six years in Central Florida. We've made close friends, put down deep roots, adopted three kids, given birth to another kid, moved three times, bought a house, had kids at four different schools, and made a gazillion memories. No, this isn't a chapter...this is a novel.

The house is all packed up. The truck is loaded. Matt is finishing loading the U-Haul trailer that he'll tow with our mattresses, bedding, towels, and other last-minute things. I'm cleaning the house today. Even though we'll still sleep here for two more nights, we won't be home except to sleep.

On Wednesday morning we'll blow kisses and breathe prayers of thanks over our years here and move westward for a fresh start.

Goodbyes are hard and moving sucks, but it's time and I'm ready.

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acceptance with joy said...

Welcome home to the west and a new book.