Friday, April 1, 2016

Update: The Move

It is April 1. March 27th has come and gone. Thanks, Jules, for your kind comment. No, we're not under contract. We've still had no offers on our house. We're getting amazing feedback, though. Everyone who comes to see it loves it. It's beautiful. It shows well. Just no one has bit yet. The reasons we've been given are things we can't help. The floor plan isn't what they're looking for (though I happen to think it is a marvelously practical floor plan). It's too much house (3600 sq ft is big). It's too close to the house behind it. It's too far from work. All stuff I can't change.

All we can think is that God is crafting the timing of our move. So we're waiting. Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. And waiting. I'm growing weary of waiting, and I'm definitely growing weary of cleaning. Despite the cleaning and the tiredness that comes from waiting, Matt and I are trusting God. I could write a book about how waiting on God's timing has been a theme of our 15 years of marriage. This waiting thing is nothing new, and it always turns out better than we could have planned.

I'll change gears entirely and post a few photos of the kids whose photos I can safely post. Back before we moved to Florida, I was a children's and family portrait photographer. I still love capturing photos of my kids. Every Spring Break I do their hair and makeup and take glam shots. I also look for pretty settings in which to take other photos. This year we visited friends in Arkansas for the break and I did some wonderful photos there. Plus, Easter just passed. I have a whole file of fun new pics. I'll share a few with you.

Snapper (13 1/2)

Sweet Pea (almost 2)

I took photos of Snapper in the daffodils when she was 7. Look how much she has changed!

My handsome hubby with our littlest girl

Sweet Pea was born very close to Easter, so I took a photo of her wearing bunny ears in a basket of eggs when she was teeny tiny. I duplicate the photo each year. 

Pepper (9 1/2) is a walking thesaurus. He loves words, reads the dictionary for entertainment, and enjoys using a large vocabulary. On Easter afternoon, he insisted on wearing his tie-dyed shirt because "it would be a travesty to not color coordinate with my eggs."

Florida doesn't understand the seasons. At this time of year, it can never decide whether to be Spring or Winter. This year, Florida decided Easter would be Summer, so we went swimming after dinner. Here's gymnast Bubbles doing a back layout into the pool.

Sunny's attempt at a swan dive gone horribly wrong. It was gorgeous in the air and made an epic belly flop!

And Snapper's jump for the win in the "Ugly Jump or Dive" round of the jumping contest.

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