Friday, April 29, 2016

Little Things

Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed with and dragged down by the difficult things that happen in daily life.

Today hasn't been easy. A handyman came out to repair our pool solar panels. In the process, he discovered that the power box that powers our septic pump had burned out. He fixed the power box, plugged the pump back in and BZZZZZZZZZZ! The alarm went off. We called the septic company, and $689 (unbudgeted) later, we have a new septic pump.

This morning I learned that a child had been lying all week about turning in her homework. Not only had she not even been doing her homework, but she had shown me old, completed homework as "proof" that she had done her homework. Sadly, this means that her weekend is going to look a lot different than she is expecting it will look.

Hubby and I discovered that the file where I keep our most important documents--marriage certificate, social security cards, etc.--is not where I always keep it. One of us must have taken it out and put it somewhere. But I don't know where, and Hubby needs his SS card by Monday in order to start on payroll at his new job. This isn't a crisis by any means, but a trip to the SS office is a pain, and takes up valuable time in our already hectic schedule.

Our internet is spotty. Keeps cutting in and out. A minor, inconsequential problem, but it is one more thing.

I'm having a sad day, too. We're moving across the country in 33 days. Saying goodbye to everything we've known and loved for the last six years. I'm excited most of the time, but today I'm feeling sad.

Lots of stuff, all at once.

How thankful I am that in the midst of everything, I know that God still loves me, and that none of this is a surprise to Him. He has always met our needs before and I know He'll do it again. I'm also thankful for my precious 2-year-old who dances through my days like a sweetly-scented breeze. She fills my days with snuggles and laughter, and I marvel at the blessing she is to me.

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