Sunday, August 23, 2015

So Stinking Cute!!!

Sweet Pea is 16 months old. She has been a breath of life and fresh air into our family. She is a bringer of healing for our three adopted girls, who have gotten to watch me mother Sweet Pea the way a mother should care for her baby. She has been a source of pure love, and the girls have been able to fully connect with her. This has driven their attachment to us even deeper. She has been the unifying force in our family. She belongs to all of us equally and will never remember a time when Bubbles, Piper, and Sunny weren't members of our family.

The sweetest, most delightful blessing. And oh, adorable!

This week, Sweet Pea can officially say all of her siblings' names. Bub (what she almost always calls Pepper) was her second word, back when she was seven months old. Sis (for all the girls) came right around her first birthday. But the actual names have been slower in coming.

Snapper: "Wibwee"
Bubbles: "KayKay"
Piper: "Memmy"
Pepper: "Dacky"
Sunny: "Assy"

Of course, I know the real names and can easy decipher Sweet Pea's version of the names. They are all so cute. Except for Assy, which I think is about the funniest thing ever! Sunny tends to be somewhat of a stinker, so the fact that Sweet Pea calls her "Assy" makes me chuckle a lot more than it probably should.

In fact, I chuckle over it every time I hear it! Snapper and Bubbles chuckle over it too, because they are both old enough (almost 13 and almost 11) that they make the connection to that other word. They'll sneak sheepish glances at me, as though they know they shouldn't laugh, but then we all bubble over with mirth because we just can't help it!

It reminds me a little bit of what my brother used to say every time a fire truck drove by...

Kids! Gotta love 'em!

Here's a photo of my beautiful little Sweet Pea. She's my delight.

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