Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Year Away...

I started this blog in the summer of 2008, the summer between kindergarten and 1st grade for my little Snapper. This photo was taken on her last day of kindergarten. Look how little and cute she is!

And then I went to sleep that night, and woke up yesterday afternoon. Seven whole years passed in the blink of an eye, and I headed up to her school to help her clean out her locker on her last day of 7th grade. She rocked her finals, kissed the 2014/2015 school year goodbye, and just like that, I have an 8th grader. Look how tall and lovely she is!

At my baby shower when I was pregnant with Snapper, my auntie told me to make sure to savor every first, but also to savor every last. While I haven't always remembered to do this, I definitely remembered yesterday! As Snapper and I walked hand-in-hand to the car, I whispered in her ear that in one short year, we would be ushering in high school. I thanked God for her 7th grade year. And I thanked Him that it is over, because 7th grade is rough! She handled it pretty well, but I'm not sad to put it behind us.

I'm so proud of my beautiful daughter. I'm proud of her spunk, her effervescence, her passion, her smarts, and her compassionate, generous spirit. I'm proud of the young woman she is becoming. I'm so thankful to be her mom.

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