Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day of School

When I was pregnant with Snapper, my auntie told me to make sure to savor the lasts with my kids, and not to get too focused on the firsts and the milestones. That wise counsel has stuck with me, and I've been careful to heed it. This morning when the kids were leaving for the bus stop, I demanded a "last kiss of -- grade" from each of them. That delighted them, and I got four excellent kisses. Then they scooted out to the bus, anxious to have the day behind them so they can officially belong to the next grade. Slow down, kiddos! You're growing up too fast!

Last day of 1st grade for Sunny. She definitely struggled in school this year. There's still a possibility she will repeat 1st grade next year. It's what I want...what I'm pushing for. It would most definitely be in her best interest. I plan to work with her quite a bit this summer, in case my appeal is rejected and she has to go on to 2nd grade before she's ready.

Last day of 3rd grade for Piper and Pepper. Piper made A/B Honor Roll which is a big accomplishment, considering she really struggles with Language Arts! Pepper made Principal's Honor Roll (all A's). Great job, Pepper! Both of them have big plans for summer reading, and I intend to support those plans to the best of my ability.

Last day of 4th grade for Bubbles. She had an outstanding year, thanks to the incredible support of her teachers, the reading specialist, and the ESE support staff. She made great progress on her learning goals, and for the first time in her life made A/B Honor Roll! She worked HARD for this, and I am ridiculously proud of her. This summer, the library is going to be a magical place for Bubbles. Last year her reading level was so low that even though she was 9 years old, she was stuck reading the most basic readers. This year the whole children's section will be open to her, and we won't have to work so hard to find something interesting for her to read. I'm thrilled!

This afternoon I'll have ice cream sundaes waiting for my new 5th grader, 4th graders, and (maybe) 2nd grader when they get off the bus. Tomorrow we'll make our first trip of the library! Happy Summer, kiddos!

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