Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So Not Ready for This!

This morning I drove Snapper to school. She's in middle school now, and she has to be to school no later than 7:30. We have her at a private college prep school now because she is so incredibly bright. She needs the academic challenge to thrive. And boy, is she thriving!

We've come such a long way from our days of 1st grade homeschool nightmare. Anyway, as we were driving, we passed another family from her school. Their son, who is also in 6th grade, saw us out his window and erupted into the hugest smile. Then he got embarrassed and ducked down out of sight. I looked over at Snapper, and she was grinning too, but was also beet red. There were sparks flying.

I said to her, "Hey! What was all that about?"
She looked at me and grinned again, a huge grin. "Well Mom, there's no denying that Ethan is really cute. He thinks I'm cute, too."


That's the sound of my heart dropping down into my feet. My baby girl likes a boy, and that boy likes my baby girl. 

"But don't worry, Mom. Ethan isn't the wrong kind of guy. He treats me so well! He carries my backpack for me, he holds the door open, and during 4th and 7th period, he'll even come over and push in my chair."


That's the sound of the breath leaving my body. A boy is treating my baby girl like a lady.

"And Mom, you really don't need to worry. Ethan likes me, but he isn't allowed to have a girlfriend until his parents think he's ready, which definitely won't be before he's 16 or 17 at least. So we have to wait at least four more years before we can do anything more than like each other and be friends."


That's the sound of me falling over onto the floor in a dead faint. 

Not really. Actually, I took it all in stride. I knew this day would come. I'm glad she has the good sense to like a boy who is a true gentleman, and whose parents are taking a wise, active role in his relationships with girls. I know Ethan and his parents outside of school, and they are exactly the kind of family I will {someday} want my girl getting connected with. She has actually displayed really great taste in her choice of boy, and that encourages me. When I was her age, only one thing mattered to me: IS HE CUTE? It so happens that Ethan is adorable. He is tall and slender, has curly, light brown hair, and big blue eyes. He has big teeth and adorable freckles. And when he smiles, it is like someone has turned on a light inside him. He's precious. Yes, Snapper has great taste. I imagine this crush will be a passing phase, like most middle school crushes.

But still...

How did she get so old?

It makes me even more glad that I'm having a baby girl. I get to start all over an enjoy childhood again from the very beginning. Ah yes, I am very glad.

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Lana Wilson said...

I want to RUN for the hills! In my mind, my kids are still trying to control their bladder and make it to the restroom in time. ;)