Monday, February 3, 2014

Ready for April

I'll start by saying I'm not complaining here. I'm just stating the facts, because this is life right now and I don't have a pretentious bone in my body. This blog is a pretty accurate representation of the real me. What you see is what you get.

  • From what I can tell, the "golden days" of pregnancy are over. I think the morning sickness--or round the clock sickness for me--has returned. I feel awful all the time, and for no apparent reason. And oh gag reflex is so sensitive right now!
  • It is much more difficult and painful to throw up at 30 weeks pregnant than it is a 18 weeks pregnant.
  • Depends, anyone? Goodbye, normal bladder function.
  • The fatigue is unbelievable. It doesn't matter that I slept for 11 hours last night. It's 9:30 in the morning and I'm contemplating going back to bed.
  • What I wouldn't give for a single night of uninterrupted sleep!
  • Sunny's ODD behaviors are extra exhausting. She's just such a tough kiddo to parent. I pray fervently for her healing, and that God will use her great strength and survivor's spirit for good.
  • My home schooled child is tired of being home schooled. She wants to go back to public school, and she balks and drags her feet on everything we do, except for her new remedial reading program and History. She loves those two. 
  • Matt's show is this week and next week. It means that between final rehearsals and performances, he will only be home three of the next 14 nights. 
  • I foresee a lot of frozen pizza in our near future, because I can't handle food smells with the return of the morning sickness.
  • I love that Matt is getting to do this show! I don't begrudge the evenings out in the least. It has been the best, most therapeutic thing in the world for him, and he's a shining star on the stage. I can't wait to go see the show next week!
  • Before the kids leave for school in the morning, they must clean up their messes around the house. They do not like to do this, and are often lazy about it. Normally I will just pick up the stuff and throw it on their beds if they don't get it done before they leave. Not anymore! As of this morning, anything left out is going in the trash or to charity. They didn't believe me this morning, but they will when they come home from school. 
  • My toes are swollen and my belly hurts and I'm hungry but I can't eat or I get bad acid reflux. 
  • I need to go finish my baby registry but I'm totally unmotivated. The thought of driving 25 minutes and walking around the store and making decisions just plain old wears me out. 
  • I'm super excited about my baby shower, happening on March 8th. It's for all my church friends. I'm hoping there will be one other shower for my other friends, not because I want the stuff but because it is just so special to have my precious friends all in the same place, and celebrating the coming of a very special little person.
  • That little person moves constantly. I wonder if all her activity is contributing to my fatigue.
  • This morning I am praying for the strength to make it through today. 
Things I must accomplish today:
  • Math, reading, and grammar with Bubbles (history and writing can bump to tomorrow)
  • Follow up with the child psychiatrist for Sunny (still waiting on a call back from the scheduling lady)
  • Follow up with the endocrinologist for Bubbles (waiting for insurance approval on a very important, time-sensitive battery of tests)
  • Follow up with the neurologist for Pepper (to reschedule the appointment I made in October that they called me to cancel and reschedule)
  • Do Matt's and my laundry. I'm out of undies. Depends, anyone? Remember?
  • Sleep. Must have sleep. 
  • Prepare myself mentally and spiritually to deal with Sunny's behaviors this week without Matt.
  • If it didn't give me heartburn, I'd add "eat chocolate" to this list.
I'm ready for it to be April. I know having a new baby will add a whole different set of responsibilities to my life. But at least the physical struggles will go away, and I'll be able to put the baby down in her bed when I need to. 


Rachel McDonald said...

Two words.... Online registery!! Save yourself the hassel.

Emily said...

I have already registered for everything that I can register for online. I'm down to the cute girly things that everyone wants to buy, but are only available in-store. Boo.