Monday, July 23, 2012

Smarty Pants Dance!

Those who live in Florida understand what a huge deal the FCAT is. For those who live outside of Florida, FCAT is the big standardized test that all students--from 3rd to 10th grade--take every year. Schools receive a grade based on how the students as a whole score on the FCAT. Teachers quake in their boots at the thought that their students might not do well. A teacher's job security can be threatened by a low scoring class. In 3rd, 8th, and 10th grades, students can be automatically retained by earning a low score on the FCAT reading test. Low performing schools teach to the test. Some schools even sacrifice spending time on non-tested subject areas in order to spend more time preparing for the FCAT. Even schools that typically score well pay special attention to prepping for the FCAT. Many kids are terrified by it. In my opinion, the whole thing is ridiculous! I fully understand why standardized testing is important. But Florida as a whole makes way too big of a deal of the FCAT.

All the same, all of my friends and I have been very curious to hear how our kids did on this test. High scores ensure placement in a higher performing block of students at school. High scores mean our kids are more likely to received extra academic challenge at school, which will help them meet their potential. The test was in April and I got Snapper's official scores today.

If you don't like a good mommy brag fest, stop reading now. However, I'll preface it with this. Snapper's intelligence is a gift from God, and that she works very hard and very faithfully for the grades she earns. I'm a proud mommy in the sense that I love to see my daughter accomplish her goals and make use of the smarts that God has given her. In no way is my identity based on her performance, and in no way does her performance increase or decrease my love for her. My pride is not the puffed up sort of pride. It is simply rejoicing in my child's big accomplishment. I can't wait to see what God has in store for her, because a mind like hers is not a common thing. I pray that she will use her intellect to bring Him glory!

That said...

Snapper earned a perfect score on this year's FCAT reading test! Can I emphasize what a HUGE DEAL this is?
And on the FCAT math test, she only missed one problem!!! Four days of testing and only one missed problem? YIKES!

Smarty Pants Dance for you!


noelmarie said...

Wow! That is AMAZING!!!!

Kathy C. said...

My poor Jazzy bear failed all three FCAT tests last year--reading just by a few points and the past two years she'd had a 4!! Math and science were no surprise.