Tuesday, July 24, 2012


In the midst of so many wonderful things that are happening in our family right now, there is a generous portion of grief as well.

Remember my friend Bev? The precious woman who battled leukemia for 5 years? Many of you faithfully prayed for her, and even sent cards and gifts. Bev was ushered into the presence of Jesus last week. I received the call as I was playing in the pool with my three new girls.

Grief and Joy in the same moment. How does a heart process them together? My eyes were the floodgate that released the flow.

Right now, someone who is very dear to me is waiting in the hospital to deliver a tiny baby girl. A very tiny baby girl, who died 20 weeks into the pregnancy. The induction was scheduled to begin at 9:00. It is 9:50 right now, and they have to sit and wait for nurses to become available for the induction. All the nurses are occupied assisting in other deliveries. Deliveries of healthy, full-term babies. Babies that my dear one is hearing as they cry their first cries. She will have to go through labor and delivery too, but the outcome will be silent.

Grief. My heart constricts and my eyes overflow again.

Just outside the window, my two littlest girls are joyfully playing on this warm, summer morning. I am so thankful for them.


Tara said...

So, so sad! I put myself in your friend's position and my heart is breaking. Praying that she'll feel God's arms wrap around her and she'll experience a peace beyond understanding during this time.

Bev has a new body and I'm sure she's dancing up and down the streets of gold. Doesn't always make it easier for the family and friends left behind. Thinking of you but also so happy for you and your new family of SEVEN!

Stef said...

my goodness, Em.
I was filled with sadness and then joy when I read about Bev on your FB wall. I know she's with Jesus. A part of me is envious of her, but then I know how much she will be missed by her husbad and kids and friends like you.

I'll be praying for these families. I hope they know they're loved by many, near and far.

Momentary Lapses said...

I know this comment comes late in the time of your grief, but as I read your post I remembered just how grateful I need to be for the blessings in my life. I hope you are doing well with your grieving, and that the families of the women you spoke of are healing in the presence of God.