Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project 365: Week 9

Okay, so it is summer and none of my clothes fit me right. Thought I haven't been eating badly, there has been A LOT of stress in my life the last year--especially the last 6 months.  Up goes the stress, on goes the weight. Time to break that cycle, though. Each day when Snapper swims, I don the running shoes and walk/jog 2 miles. Making a change, and making it permanent.

I grew up going to Awana each week, and it made a huge impact on me. Snapper has been in Awana since she was 3. This year she completed two whole handbooks, as well as the extra credit for the first book. She memorized approximately 230 Bible verses over the course of 8 months. Awards night was a great time to celebrate her accomplishments, and more importantly, the eternal treasure she has stored in her heart. 

Unloading the dishwasher is one of Snapper's daily chores. She also cares for the cats, clears the table, and keeps her room clean. On the weekend, she cleans bathrooms, tidies the family room, and helps me with laundry. 

This amazing market sells hormone and antibiotic-free meat and an incredible assortment of fresh fruits and veggies. I make the 20-minute drive to the market every week because the food is so good, and because it ends up costing me about half of what I would pay for the same things at the regular supermarket!

Snapper and her relay teammates cleaned up on awards in their age group at their meet this week. I think Coach Gaby is a little bit proud of them. Snapper was thrilled with her first medal--in 50 meter butterfly!

 We started working with our new ministry this week, and they threw a welcome party for us, complete with pinata! Sorry for the poor photo quality. My camera phone doesn't like dusk lighting.

Another morning in Pepper's Pre-K class. He has had an amazing year!


Southern Belle said...

All I got to say is, run, Em, run! Hope these times of exercise also bring you times of refreshing. = )

Stef said...

good for you with the working out! I've been putting mine off for 3 months now. Time to STOP making excuses, eh? :(

I love that you have the meat market close enough to drive to, but what I love more is that you DO drive there! We've been blessed with a couple places like that close by, but I'm like you - I'd make the drive. Its worth it.