Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project 365: Week 10

*Don't miss my Week 9 post that I also posted today!*

Having dinner together each night is a top priority for us. Some of our best conversations happen at the dinner table. 

Pepper's buddy Little N comes over for a few hours after school each day. On this day they got really silly with watermelon. 

I am making a puppet for Matt to use on the puppet video blog he is working on for our ministry. This is Mr. Puppet in his early stages.

Guess what? We have a broken car. Again. Story of my year. This time the problem is with my van: nothing in the dashboard works. The problem is not yet solved. 

My favorite remedy for the grumps is GNO. My best girls and I went out for sushi and frozen yogurt. Oh, and lots of laughter, too. Behind me is Tracie. Across the table from back to front, Laura, Anita, and Brandee. The 5 of us do pretty much everything together. Tina, in front of me, was a fun addition to our crew.

While Matt, Pepper, and I attend a conference in Colorado this summer, Snapper is heading to California to spend 9 days with Gramma and Poppa. Due to heightened security measures and the fact that Snapper will be using the airline's unaccompanied minor service, she is required to have a state-issued ID. We spent an hour at the DMV to get her ID card. She is an official Floridian, and can't wait for her trip!

 Little S is on Snapper's swim team. Snapper had a great time at S's birthday pool party. Poo on my camera phone that messed up the color in this photo, necessitating the change to black and white.

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Stef said...

I miss your posts, Em! Love your blog and love you <3