Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fair Warning

I love each one of you followers of my blog, those faithful commenters. AndI don't want to lose you. I do want to give you fair warning though: The next few months are going to be crazy, and I won't be blogging as much as I usually do. My lack of activitiy here is already proof of that. I will do my best to blog at least once a week. But life is picking up stea right now, with everything we have to do to get ready for our move. Add in a bunch of travel in the next few months, and my poor blog is taking a back seat.

In case I don't get a chance to post before Sunday, I am flying out Sunday evening for a week in Phoenix. My sweet birthmom lives there, and she is in the midst of chemo treatments for breast cancer. I am going out to be with her for her treatment. Would you pray for safe travels for me (I puked in the plane on my last trip to Phoenix...)? I am flying through Chicago on my return trip. Chicago. In February. Yugh. Also, pray that my time with Sherry will be productive and an encouragement to her.

Thanks, y'all! You really are a bright spot in my life. Oh, and Tara, I'm coming to North Carolina at the end of March!!! If possible, we must meet for lunch!!!


Stef said...

I would never stop reading or commenting!! When I see an update, I'll be back :)

I've been praying for you guys!

Tammy Warta said...


RachelRuelas said...

I will lift you up in prayer! I will stay with ya girl, can't wait to hear all about your new adventures and see photos of your new life in Fl! God bless you sister!!

Southern Belle said...

I completely understand, have no worries, I'll still be here when your settled in Orlando. I could have wrote the same post...I kinda did, lol. Praying you have a safe flight to Phoenix and for Sherry.


Lori said...

Traveling mercies for you, my friend! Glad that you get to spend some time together - I know you'll be an encouragement! :)