Monday, January 1, 2018

2018: Anticipation

I love the start of a new year. In reality, it doesn't mean anything. It's no different than any other day. But it still feels new and fresh. 2017 had so many BIG things...both good and not so good. I'm hoping this year will be a little less...mountainous?

I've taken many personality tests over the years, mainly for work or continuing education types of things. I'm a Beaver, a Melancholy, ISFJ. I like to plan. I'm organized and logical. I think ahead. I live by checklists and can't function without a good daytimer. I like routine, order, and predictability. These things make New Year's Day a very satisfying day for me because I can sit down, map things out, and make this fresh start with a plan. That said, I hold loosely to my plans because I am most definitely not God, and I actually don't have any real control over my life. But...I like to be in control of those things that I can control...such as the cleanliness of my home, the use of my budget, my son's lesson plans, and scheduling of things such as doctor's appointments, summer vacation, and dates with my husband.

Here's what I'm anticipating in 2018.

  • Two big doctor's appointments for me this week: gastro on Wednesday, rheumatology on Thursday. I've been struggling with some big health issues since August, and we've been in the process of ruling things out. Cardiology and neurology gave the all-clear. I'm hoping for a diagnosis this week that will help me know what to do in order to get better.
  • My hubby turns 43 and Piper turns 12 in January.
  • Snapper's All-State Choir camp and performance. She was the only kid from our entire school district who made All-State this year and I'm so proud of her!
  • The 20th anniversary of Matt's and my first date in March and our 17th wedding anniversary in June.
  • My two best friends selling their houses and moving closer to me!!!
  • Sweet Pea turns 4 in April. How is that possible?
  • Snapper's spring musical...we anticipate she'll end up with a great part!
  • My daddy and step-mom are coming from California to visit us this spring!
  • Piper will graduate from elementary school.
  • Snapper is going on a mission trip to Costa Rica this summer.
  • Our family is going to Seattle for a week for Matt's sister's wedding, and some family time.
  • Pepper turns 12 in July
  • My 39th birthday and...wait for it...Snapper's Sweet 16, both in September.
  • Another school year...three in middle school and a high school junior who will be taking college classes for double credit.
  • Bubbles turns 14 and my dad turns 70 in October.
  • Good times with our wonderful friends.
  • Memories made.
What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

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