Friday, August 12, 2016

Famous Last Words

Last night at bedtime, Piper came upstairs crying that she didn't feel good. She didn't look good, either. I put some essential oils on her tummy and sent her to bed with a towel and a bowl. An hour later, her dinner made a violent reappearance.

Piper had a sandwich for dinner last night because her morning chores took all she still wasn't done with her basic morning chores at dinnertime, so once chores were finally done, dinner was over. So she got a sandwich. A ham sandwich. She made it herself.

After the violent reappearance of the ham sandwich, Matt checked the ham. It smelled like death and was a funny color. He went and asked Piper about it.

"But Dad, I ripped all the gray parts off the ham before I ate the sandwich!"


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