Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Each of my kids has had a big victory recently. I love to celebrate their victories because for some of them, victories are hard to come by.

Snapper (13) just competed in her first ever vocal competition. She sang "Songs My Mother Taught Me" which is quite a difficult piece. She nailed it and earned a Superior, this highest award available!

Bubbles (11) just moved up to Level 4 in gymnastics! She and her BFF did a gymnastics routine in the school talent show and they were flawless! She also has finished three chapter books in the last month, with the help of the Learning Ally app on the iPad the school district has furnished for her. This app is helping her learn to work with her severe learning disabilities. In the last two school years, Bubbles has only read two full chapter books, so to read three in a month is a BIG victory!

Piper (10) struggles with writing. She isn't a deep thinker to start with, so asking her to elaborate on a theme, use creative vocabulary, and coordinate proper writing conventions is really challenging for her. Well, we just got report cards and she managed to get a B in Language Arts! For a child who hates writing and has to work super hard to write, this is a great victory.

Pepper (9 1/2) got straight As on his report card. Not only that, but her didn't miss a single homework assignment or a single piece of classwork for the whole second trimester! His victory lies not in the good grades, but in the responsibility and organization! I never once had to remind him about his homework.

Sunny (8) just moved up to Level 3 in gymnastics, but she is only a couple of skills away from moving up to Level 4! She's learning at about triple the normal rate, and she's very determined. We celebrate this victory for her.

Sweet Pea (22 months) has gone pee in the potty twice in the last two days, and she has slept all the way through the night for the last two weeks! Three cheers for Sweet Pea!

I'll leave you with a couple of sweet photos, just because I haven't posted in a while.

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Sharon Edwards said...

Adorable pictures! Sounds like your kids are doing really, really well. Thanks for the update -- it is nice to hear how everyone is doing.