Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Week Left

School starts one week from tomorrow. This summer flew by on swift wings. I can't believe it is drawing to a close!

This year I will have:

  • One 6th grader in private school (Hello middle school!)
  • One 3rd grader in home school
  • Two 2nd graders in public school
  • One kindergartner in public school
This year I will have:
  • My 6th grader swimming on her school's Varsity swim team. She goes to a smallish private school that allows middle schoolers on the swim team if they have qualifying times. She was very surprised to find out that her times qualify her for varsity!!!
  • My 6th grader swimming USA club swimming on the days she doesn't have practice with the school swim team, which will be T, Th, Sat until the end of October
  • My 6th grader swimming a regular club swim schedule--M,T, Th, F, Sat--once high school swimming ends, and my 3rd grader swimming club swim on M, T, Th starting August 12
  • The 3rd grader and a 2nd grader taking karate on Wednesdays
  • All five kids in AWANA on Wednesday nights
  • Occupational therapy for the four younger kids every weekday except Wednesday
  • I'm the assistant coach for the varsity swim team
This last week before school, there's so much on my plate! It's going to be a fun week, though, so I don't mind.
  • Tomorrow: Snapper's sports physical and submitting sports paperwork to her school; my friend Allie coming over to help me/hang out with me; friends over for dinner; Snapper's first school swim team workout
  • Tuesday: IEP pre-planning meeting for Piper and Sunny at their school; getting my fingerprints done for the school coaching job; submitting the last of my homeschool paperwork to the district; neighborhood block party
  • Wednesday: Bubbles' doctor's appointment; finish school supplies shopping; Snapper's school swim team workout; AWANA directors' meeting
  • Thursday: Snapper's middle school orientation, Sunny's kindergarten orientation
  • Friday: Meet the Teacher for the three younger kiddos; water park with the kids; Snapper's school swim team workout

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

Crazy week for you!

Tell your daughter congrats! I never had a chance to learn to swim until college. Then I took off and became a guard and WSI and joined the Master's team. But I was never fast starting at that age.