Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New School Year

Yesterday was Meet the Teacher at our school. We are delighted that all four of our elementary school kids got teachers who have excellent reputations!

Snapper is in 5th grade. *CHOKE* How did she get so old? And so grown up? There was a teacher she really, really wanted. This teacher was her student council advisor last year. You can imagine the shrieks of joy when she found her name on Mrs. M's class list!

She has a second teacher, Ms. R, for math and science. She'll spend 2 hours in Ms. R's classroom each day.

And then there's Dr. E. She's the teacher of the Gifted and Talented program. Snapper loved being in her class for a day each week last year, and she's looking forward to it again this year. 

Pepper is a very tall 1st grader, and he didn't have a preference for which teacher he wanted. He got Mrs. B, one of the teachers I wanted for him! I have heard great things about her.

Bubbles is skipping 1st grade. Due to having an October birthday and having been retained in kindergarten because of poor attendance when she lived with her first family, she was very behind. We decided, with full support from our principal and guidance counselor, that we would bump Bubbles up to her proper grade. She is super smart and very determined. We'll give her the support she needs to conquer this challenge. She is in Ms. E's class. Ms. E is looking forward to working with her and getting her caught up.

Piper is in 1st grade along with Pepper. She will be in Mrs. T's class, just two doors down the hall from Pepper's class. She's smart too and will definitely do great. I wish I could post photos of Piper and Bubbles with their teachers.

Sunny doesn't start school for another week. She'll be in Pre-K. Her two teachers made a visit to our house on Thursday. Sunny will be in very good hands with them!

It's going to be a great year, and I can hardly wait for it to start!

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